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Alcohol Intoxication and detoxification

Millions of people are consuming alcohol to reduce their depression, anxiety and stress. Adults and teenagers are addicting to alcohol, because of the feel they get while they consuming it. They feel like dizzy, mild, headache, confusion, etc. depending on the level of consumption. The over intake of alcohol leads to death. To overcome this, Organizations like Medical Detox Orange County are providing treatments for affected people.

Alcohol Intoxication:  This condition occurs when consumed too much of alcohol. Alcohol slowdowns the nervous system and brain functioning. May be the alcohol reduces the stress for a short period of time, with the over consumption mental health issues raises in the long term.

Stages of Intoxication: Mainly we have seven stages of alcohol intoxication depending on the amounts of alcohol consumption.

  • Low level consumption: At this stage the person drinks less amounts of alcohol and the person will be under control. They don’t have any visible symptoms like drowsy, mild, laugh. So, it is not that much of harmful to the health.
  • Euphoria: If a person consumes 2-3 drinks in an hour they come into this category. They have visible symptoms like over talking, more laughing and looks more confident.
  • Excitement: If a person consumes 3-5 drinks, he may loss balance, vision, and feels drowsy.
  • Confusion: If a person consumes more than five drinks he comes to confusion stage. On the next day, he was not able to remember what happened after drinking. They will not walk or drive properly; there may be chances of accident.
  • Unconscious: At this stage the person drinks more and become unconscious. They do not respond to others and don’t know what is happening around. They even cannot stand or walk and vomits frequently. This stage very dangerous and there is medical emergency.
  • Coma: This is the last but one stage of intoxication, as these is very dangerous. This causes because of unlimited drinking. The chemical that was highly present in the blood stream affects the brain functioning, damages nervous system and blood circulation becomes slower.
  • Death: This is the final stage for every human being. If they drink a lot of alcohol, they will die soon.

Alcohol Detoxification:  It is also termed as alcohol withdrawal. Only Detox is not the treatment for alcohol withdrawal, but it is primary stage of the treatment. When someone suddenly stops alcohol consumption after a stage of heavy drinking, they have withdrawal seizures like anxiety, stress, headache, body pains, vomiting and restlessness occurs.

Withdrawal from alcohol is not easy and not everyone can do that on their own. Some people prefer home remedies for alcohol Detox, because that is the best place to feel comfortable and peaceful. But this approach has some risks. So, doctors won’t recommend this. Alcohol Detoxification at a right rehabilitation centers like Medical Detox Orange County with professional medical practitioners is the safe approach for the patients.