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The Key Elements of Great Supplies

Industrial Minerals You Could be Using on Daily Basis

Most people at least know of one mineral and what it is used to make. In that case, one would need to know some of the most commonly used minerals. The battery making industry highly benefits from making batteries. You would need to note that asbestos is known to retard fire but is cancerous and hence the need to handle it with care. Barium, on the other hand, is known to make rubber, x-ray technology as well as making fireworks.

Bauxite is used in processing the ore of aluminum. Beryllium is an industrial mineral used in making of x-rays as well as in making of fluorescent light. Chromite is mainly used in making high chrome finishes due to its high polish traits. Cobalt is yet another mineral known for its blue color and is popular in the glass industry.

One would also need to note that the technology world has highly benefited from from tantalite. Copper is also known for its application in the electricity conductivity, in plumbing as well as in making of jewelry. The building materials industry highly benefit from feldspar. Fluorite is another mineral applicable in manufacturing of fluorescent. Gypsum is used in making fertilizer and in road construction while halite is used in softening water, making certain acids, melting ice on the road, fire extinguishing as well as seasoning of food. Iron ore is the largest raw material in auto industry while lead is a known raw material in making make up, making pencil, paint as well as utensils.

Lithium is yet another mineral used in making of batteries and common in the electric cars technology. Steel making highly benefit from manganese. Mica is ideal when it comes to putting off a sparkle in rocks. Molybdenum is as well as its own set of uses. Nickel is known for making currency as well as in making jewelry. Platinum is known as one of the expensive minerals and very applicable in making jewelry. Phosphate and potash are yet other industrial minerals used in making fertilizers.

Pyrite is a mineral also very commonly used in making of jewelry. Quartz is used in making of watches, concrete, making scientific instruments as well as making glass. Quartz is used in making semiconductor. If you are into jewelry, you may have encountered silver. Sodium carbonate is used in making detergents, paper, and making glass as well as for softening. One would need to also note that other minerals such as uranium, sulfur, vanadium, zeolite, tantalum, tungsten among other minerals are used in industries in making various materials used in daily life.

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